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the things we fear the most have already happened to us

30 June 1972
Wow, i really hate writing these things, but here goes nothing. I am in my early 30's, i am a submissive woman. A woman with a free spirit and twisted mind.

I work in the film industry and live in suburbia. i have a dog and a snake, i enjoy drag racing and all things dark and sinful.

That being said, in my spare time, i work as a Dominatrix. (Yes i know that probably seems odd a submissive, working as a Domme, but Daddy wouldn't have it any other way) In fact I have my own little adult film production company that i partner with a couple of close friends.

My LJ is a brief look into my life, mostly day to day ramblings and my thoughts and feelings. It is a private journal, but if you would like to be friends please send me a message, and who knows maybe i'll give you a little peek into my world.